Ironwork Commissions/Installations

Working with clients on commission pieces that enhance their homes is an exciting opportunity for me. I truly enjoy learning about each client's ideas, needs, and the character of their living spaces. Client input is one of the biggest factors in my design process. After a design is completed and approved I can start changing a drawing and idea into real, tangible pieces.
Depending on the client's wishes, when I finish making the piece(s) they either go through a process to patina the metal or they are sent off to the painter to be sandblasted, primed and painted.
Once ready, I usually install the piece(s) myself to ensure everything meets my standards and that each piece is exactly what the client had in mind and will function well for a very long time.
Every commission that I have had the opportunity to do has been very rewarding for me. It is satisfying to use my skills and experience to take what starts as an idea, make things that make clients happy, and fill a need for each client.


1. Gates

Each gate I make is the ultimate integration of beauty and function. It's important to me that each and every gate swings easily and never sags. There is nothing more frustrating than fighting with a gate that is used regularly and does not operate well. I generally use 1" structural steel for the outside frame to ensure that it will stay square and true. I use heavy duty barrel hinges that can be greased to always work smoothly and can hold  more than 1,000 lbs. of weight. For me, a gate is also an opportunity create visual interest and incorporate different materials (ie. stained glass, copper pieces, etc.) on a functional "canvas".

Victorian double gate

victorian gate with stained glass

Craftsman style gate with stained glass

English garden gate

Heron with Cattails gate

2. Railings

Custom railings are among my favorite commissions. I work to create a one-of-a-kind railing that fits the client's needs and interests  and is extremely durable, functional and truly unique.


Entrance arch with copper and steel cattails

Arch with Cattails
Arch: 8' tall,3.75' wide. Cattail screen: 6' tall, 10' wide
Designed and created by artist.
Installed by artist and crew.
Stillwater, MN
Spring 2013

Commission of an 8' tall arch with lantern hangers and two side panels of cattails, creating a grand entrance and screen for a private residence. The arch and all of the reeds are of steel and cattails are of copper, all unsealed to patina naturally.


Entry Grilles

Commissioned to create 4 arched iron grillework panels in Old World European styling to create interest and add security to entrance area of a lakeshore private residence. Painted satin black. Designed, created and installed by artist.
St. Paul, MN.
Summer 2012.

entry before

entry grilles completed

Grapevine of Steel outdoor Room

Grapevines of Steel Outdoor Room
St. Paul, MN.
Spring 2007

16' x 16' x 8' tall L-shaped gazebo complete with electrical power and moveable chandelier bracket. Structural steel framing with hand wound vines, leaves and tendrils of steel. Left unsealed to develop soft brown patina over 1-2 years.
Designed, created and installed by artist.

view from south side

view from east side

skyward view

Pergola with Steel Grapevines

Full view facing west

Pergola detail, looking skyward

Corner detail

Sculptural Arched Garden Fence with Glass Globes

Sculptural Arched Garden Fence with Glass Globes
Lake Elmo, MN
Summer 2010

50' x 32' x 6' to 9' tall
Designed, created by artist.
Installed by artist and crew.

Commissioned garden fence of structural steel, copper and glass. Built on a hillside, the glass topped posts of this fence range from 6' to 9' to accommodate the changes in grade surrounding the garden. Lower fence sections made with 1/4" coated steel mesh and extend 8" into the ground to keep out rodents. Copper wire "webs" descend from each arch as visual interest and to keep deer out of the garden. Gate is 4' wide to allow easy access for gardeners and equipment.



Full view

Corner view

Side view with barn

Gate view

Sculptural Fence, heron and cattails

Heron and Cattails Sculptural Garden Fence
Mahtomedi, MN.
Installation completed Spring 2008.

48' x 28' rectangle with 6' wide x 6.5' tall double gate.
steel and copper construction. Designed and created by artist.
Installed by artist and crew.

 Commissioned to fit into the natural surroundings of White Bear Lake area and keep wildlife out of the garden.
 Bending and twisting reeds, made of mild steel, and cattails of tubular copper accent each post of the sculptural fence and the lower portion of the gate. Each post is topped with a 6" glass sphere in various colors of the sky, water, and plants.  Around the perimeter of the sculptural fence, lower panels of 1/4" mesh, 24" tall and extending into the ground 6"  keep rodents out of the garden. The upper panel of copper wire network keep the deer on the outside of the gate and fence.
All materials, unsealed,  intended to develop natural patina over 1-2 years.


Sculpture up the House

2014.St. Paul, MN. Commissioned by a client to create a "growing" sculpture that would be interesting and disguise the air conditioning pipes that went from the first to the second floor on the outside of the house. The 11' sculpture has hand cut leaves and glass "berries", painted steel.

View from the garden

Full view


Victorian gate and railing

Gate and Railing for Victorian Home.
Stillwater, MN.
Summer 2012

Commisioned to create a 2 piece 10' passage gate and 195 square feet of railing to meet code requirements and emmulate Victorian styling of other gates and railings of the property. All sections painted satin black to match existing metal elements of the property. Designed and created by artist. Installed by artist and crew.

Full view

Railing looking down

Gate from top view

Railing going up

Railing section detail