Handmade Tile Pieces


Handmade tiles start out as a large slab of clay rolled to an even thickness. Images are pressed into (impressed) or added onto (applied) to the clay. Then the tiles are carefully cut to size and allowed to dry very slowly to prevent warping. Once fully dry, they are fired for the first time (bisque firing) in an electric kiln. The firing takes about 24 hours to complete. The tiles are then unloaded, multiple layers of glaze are painted on each tile by hand. The tiles are re-loaded into the kiln and fired a second time. This firing reveals the color and shine of the glazes.

Handmade tiles can be used exclusively or as accent pieces with commercial tile in a backsplash, countertop, fireplace surround, tabletop, or other application to add unique interest.

My handmade tiles are available on a custom basis in any sizes or quantities. I can work with you to offer a variety of possibilities, from designing to custom glazing and color matching.  Discounts are available for multiple tiles of 12 or more. Prices start at $18.00 for a 4" x 4" tile, $36.00 for a 6" x 8" tile.

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